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Latest updated on 12 November 2020


The website of CUEL Limited ("We", “Our” or “Us”) uses cookies as a technology to store your access information. When you visit our website at including other channels such as mobile website and etc. which hereinafter referred to as “Website”. Cookies on our website are created in response to the use of you and other website users. We also use cookies to improve and develop our website system to be more efficient. In addition, we may make changes or improvements to the cookies policy (the "Cookies Policy") in order to be in line with the changes in our service. We will notify you in advance for such changes or improvements.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files used to store website access information. It will collect the information on your computer devices or communication devices, such as tablet, smartphone, or through web browser while you enter our website. We use cookies on this website to store and record information, such as the collection of website usage data, storing and recording the original access information and etc. The use of cookies will not harm your computer in any possible way.


Types of cookies

1. First-Party Cookies are cookies set by our website. This type of cookies can be read on our own website.

2. Third-Party Cookies are cookies that are created and set by the department, organization, or third party that we use the service. For example, we may use access data analysis services or create and send advertisements, so when you visit our website, you may find content embedded from other sources which these websites have set their own cookies.


Our type of cookies usages

The following cookies may be used in the case that you visit our website:

  • Necessary Cookies are cookies that are necessary for the use of basic operations of website such as user website browsing, encoding and etc. The website cannot operate properly without this type of cookie.
  • Statistic Cookies are cookies that help us to understand user behavior on our website through the collection and reporting of information that does not identify your identity.


Cookies storage duration

The duration of the storage of cookies depends on the type of storage of the cookie. For cookies with session data storage, the data will only be stored if the user visits the website and when the browser is closed. This type of cookie will not be stored on your computer device or communication device. For other types of cookies, data will be stored even if you have closed the browser. We will store cookies as necessary within an appropriate time frame. However, you have the right to delete those cookies at any time.


Data Transfer

In the case of transmitting or transferring personal data to foreign country, we will take steps to ensure that the destination country has sufficient personal data protection standards. However, in the event that the destination country does not have sufficient personal data protection standards, the transmission or transfer of such personal data must comply with the exceptions in accordance with the rules that we specify, which are not against the law.


Cookies usage control

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. However, you can delete or refuse the use of cookies on the browser's settings page. Nevertheless, changing your browser settings may affect the usability or the layout of our website. In addition, you can check the settings of each browser in links below.

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Privacy Policy

In the event that you want to know how we collect, use or disclose personal data including rights that you have under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019), you can check the said information on our privacy policy.


Contact us

If you have any query in regards of our cookies policy, you can contact us at

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